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LED Twinklelight Dancefloor Hire

Twinklelight Dancefloor Hire in Southport - Twinklelight Dancefloor Hire in Lancashire

Twinklelight Dancefloor Hire in Merseyside - Twinklelight Dancefloor Hire in Liverpool

A very popular feature at Weddings and corporate events are twinklelight dancefloors.

I can supply a dancefloor to your event including full installation and removal through a business partner.

Twinklelight dancefloors are exceptionally popular and availability can be limited. It is recommended that you book early to avoid disappointment.

Gold Set Up with backdrop and dance floor

The dancefloor can be provided in sizes up to 16' by 16' (approximately 5m by 5m) but they can be extended in even amounts to a larger area for an additional cost.

These dance floors are UK made not the cheap Chinese ones which are sweeping the market and are normally marketed a low, bargain prices and have been known to catch fire!

The dancefloors supplied are well maintained and cleaned after each use to look in brilliant condition for your event.

A professional company will install the dancefloor on the morning of your event.

Gold Package with at the Peoples Hall, Aigburth - Southport DJ - Wedding DJ

For more details on availability and price depending on the size you require, please call 01704 531241 or email

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