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Set-up and Equipment

As an experienced DJ, I offer a wide variety of set ups and additonal features aimed at enhancing your venue and event.

It is important that, when selecting your DJ or entertainment, that you should feel confident that the person you are booking is using high quality sound and lighting that will make your occasion one to remember.

Setting up take between thirty minutes for the Bronze Package set-up and up to 90 minutes for a Gold Package set-up depending on access to the room and amount of lighting required.

I always ensure that all wiring is neat and tidy so there is nothing just hanging down, dangling or presenting a trip hazard.

The set-up and removal is included in the price quoted.​

Speakers / Sound system

I appreciate that all the figures and how many watts a speaker produces might sound absolute nonsense but to give you a rough idea a basic micro-stereo will be around 5w (RMS) so you would get 2.5w from each speaker.

RMS is the root means squared which is basically the constant sound level your speaker can produce sound at. They will have a peak too which is there for songs which have extra high notes it is not the actual level that the speakers will go to.

My sound system consists of two EV (Electro-Voice) top speakers which run at 500w each (RMS) and a peak of 1000w each. These are backed up with a subwoofer or bass bin that is 400w with a peak of 1600w.

This system has been used at venues that can hold over 500 people and gives a clear crisp sound.

All speaker stands are covered to give them a softer feel to the set-up. These can also be lit up using mood lighting.

During your event, sound levels are constantly monitored using a Decibel Meter to ensure that you and your guests are not deafened and that the volume is kept in check for venues; especially those with sound limiters, such as Formby Gild Hall, Lancashire Manor Hotel and Meols Hall Tithebarn.

At venues with sound limiters, I also balance the level of sound at the start of the night to it's peak and know that I cannot take the level any higher. This iradicates any problems later in the evening.


Lighting can vary depending on venue size and your choice of lighting.

Everyone has differing tastes so I like to give you a choice. I have hosted casino nights using red mood lighting only through-out the room to the full works of mood lighting, band lighting, disco lighting, personalised monogram and a star curtain backdrop.

My DJ lighting gives a high quality look using lights from companies including ADJ and Chauvet who are leaders in the DJ lighting market.

For smaller venues, I recommend using less lighting. Sometimes, less can look more.

The Bronze Package has a set package of two basic Chavet moonflower gobos, however, more choice is available when you choose the Bronze Plus, Silver or Gold Package.

For the Bronze Plus Package you will have two ADJ moving heads and either two Chavet moonflower gobos or two Acme Dynamo moonflower scanners. I would say it depends on your occasion and party.

For the Silver Package can choose six lights from:

  • Four ADJ moving heads
  • Two Acme Dynamo moonflower scanners
  • Two Chauvet moonflower gobos

My Gold Package offers even more in the way of lighting with a choice from the list above added to with two LED ADJ mirror balls that can look fantastic for your first dance.

You will also get ten uplighters set to a colour of your choice.


I can also make your venue more personal or colour themed depending on your event with the use of mood lighting or uplighting. These can be colour mixed to match your chosen colours (as close as possible) and bring a nice feel to the room. They can also be programmed as a great way to light up your dance floor or room at venues with low ceilings that would make lighting in effective.

One happy Bride stated, "The mood lighting really topped off the room and gave it an extra professional touch. It is something I had considered but was put off by prices. Glynn offers such a great price for a Wedding DJ with mood lighting I would recommend it to anyone. All my guests commented over how it gave the room a lovely refreshing feel."

Other features

All of my equipment is set up inside a professional Equinox DJ booth. This can be moodlit to a colour of your choice or have a white twinkle light effect in either black or white.

You may also want to consider a black with white twinkle lights star cloth backdrop which can really top off your Wedding venue and give it a personal touch.

Combining the fantastic quality of our sound systems, lighting and DJ skills gives you the ultimate mobile DJ package for all events.

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