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Equality and LGBTQ+ Weddings

Glynn is very proud to offer a recognised Equality Wedding DJ service covering all LGBTQ Weddings and Civil Ceremonies with a professional style that you would want for your big day.


As a trained presenter, as well as an award-winning DJ, Glynn knows the importance of referring to you and introducing you correctly with no slip of the tongue that, despite in the 21st century, you may well be fearing could happen.



LGBTQ Wedding DJ
LGBTQ Wedding DJ

Glynn has conducted evening and half day Wedding Receptions for Brides and Grooms and will always ensure that your day and evening are covered in the way that you wish to experience them.


From detailed planning and getting to know you, to all of your music choices and tastes, Glynn puts everything together to give you the magic that you are looking for on a special day.


For bookings and enquiries, telephone 01704 531241, email: or fill in the enquiry form below:


DJ Enquiry Form

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