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Music in Southport ~ Music in Merseyside ~ Music in Lancashire

A common question asked by people booking a DJ is, "What music do you play?"

I treat every event individually and cater for everyone.

Over my years as a DJ I have covered events from 1920s themed Gatsby nights, 70s & 80s nights for large companies and annually cover Le Classique de Danse - a sequence and ballroom dancing award night - so I have a music collection which covers all genres and decades.

At private functions, you can have a wide variety of ages so a good DJ must have the music required to ensure they can cater for any eventuality and the ability to incorporate them into your night.​

I am not stuck in my ways with a playlist of 50 songs that I believe will work because your function will be completely different to the next.

Your night is precisely that - yours. It is commonly misjudged by many DJs and a mistake I avoid. Some DJs will only play songs they consider to be dance floor fillers but it could be a case that one song played for relatives that has a special memory for them makes their night too.

I am happy for you to build a playlist in preparation and will take requests on the day as well. With helpful tips and suggestions I can give you pointers into making your night feel special with the music you love.

There is no point in booking a DJ who won't play the music that you or your guests enjoy and I am entirely flexible as to your choices and preferences. You are employing me to do a job for you. If you like 'cheesy' music I'll play it! As long as you and your guests are filling the dance floor and having fun that is what makes your night.

I will always judge a crowd on the night by "reading" the room. It may sound an old cliché but by speaking to your guests and watching them early on tap along to certain types of songs allows me to get a feel for the music that will get your guests up as your night progresses.

From the Gatsby era right through to the current dance, RnB and chart releases I cover all aspects of music including the swinging 60s, Motown, soul, 70s & 80s disco, funk and rock, 90s dance, indie and pop scene onto the Ibiza classics that went into the new Millennium to the mixed genres of the noughties right up to the current chart music and pre-releases.

All of my music is legally sourced. A common problem of recent times is DJs using YouTube or Spotify to stream at events. This is an illegal practice and one I do not use. The majority of my music is CD based and anything that is now digitally downloaded is in WAV or M4A format for the highest quality of sound for your event.

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