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Hiring Glynn as your Wedding DJ

Glynn has tried to cover some frequently asked questions covering what he does as a bespoke Wedding DJ. It is not just on your day but throughout the booking process and in the build-up to your Wedding Day that he will be involved.

A lot of what goes on in the build-up can make your Wedding Day special and personal and it is these little touches that Glynn tries to bring to your big day.

Glynn hopes that you find everything informative and that it gives you a guide as to how hiring a high quality DJ can make your Wedding Reception a stand out event.

If you do have any other questions, Glynn is always happy to answer them.

What does Glynn do as a Wedding DJ?

Glynn is not just there to play music. He is there to present for you and your guests, ensure the lighting befits your room at the right time to make your Wedding day photographs look fantastic, and ensure he plays the right styles music at the appropriate levels to give all of your Wedding guests a night to remember.

Glynn is there to make all of the important announcements from speeches, if you have hired him to cover your Wedding Breakfast, through to the cutting of your cake and first dance in the evening.

It is also part of Glynn's duty to play the music at appropriate levels with a quieter sound during the early part of your reception, buffet or meal before turning the music up to a higher volume later on but not too much so it deafens your guests or sounds awful through the sound system.

Southport DJ, Glynn Tee, filling the dance floor at a Wedding Reception at The Peoples Hall, Aigburth
First dance at a Wedding at Langdale Chase Hotel, Windermere

Before you book Glynn as your Wedding DJ

When you enquire to book Glynn as your Wedding DJ, you are not booking or dealing with an agency. The person you speak to all the time will be Glynn and he will not sell your Wedding Reception on to another DJ.

Glynn is not locked into a contract with any Wedding Venue or hotel, nor will he walk in on meetings you may be having with a venue and enforce himself on you as your Wedding DJ.

Glynn has worked at many major Wedding venues, golf clubs and hotels around Liverpool, Manchester, Southport, the North West of England and North Wales including:

  • Bliss Hotel (Southport)
  • Floral Hall (Southport)
  • The Grand Theatre (Blackpool)
  • Hurlston Hall (Scarisbrick)
  • Manchester Convention Centre
  • Meols Hall Tithebarn (Southport)
  • Royal Birkdale Golf Club
  • Samlesbury Hall
  • Singleton Lodge
  • West Tower (Ormskirk)

Having worked in these venues on many occasions, Glynn is fully aware of how they like to organise your Wedding day and has knowledge of working in venues which include sound limiters and speaker curtains - these are normally placed above a dance floor to curtail sound in residential areas at some venues.

Glynn is an independent, full-time professional disc jockey, with real references from former Brides and Grooms, who ensures he dedicates his Wedding Planning for your Wedding Reception to incorporate your wishes and work with you to make everything perfect.

Once Glynn has all of your details, he can give you a personalised quote for you to hire him as your Wedding DJ.

This quote, which is based on how long you would like Glynn for, set-up you would like, and any travel or set-up costs, is valid for seven days from your enquiry. However, the date is not held without a digital contract and deposit.

If you prefer, Glynn offers a non-obligational Zoom meeting with brides and grooms - a bit like an interview - before you book so that you can be assured that Glynn is the right DJ for your Wedding Reception.

Booking Glynn as your Wedding DJ

Glynn does not hold the date on an enquiry so if you are looking to book, it is a good idea to confirm your booking as quickly as you once a digital contract and invoice for your deposit have been sent.

Once sent, digital contract needs signing within two days and your non-refundable reservation fee (deposit) paid by bank transfer. Please note, that without your contract and deposit your booking is not secured.

What happens once you have booked?

Once you have accepted the quote, paid your reservation fee (deposit) and returned your signed contract, we can get into the major details.

You will have access to an online planning form where you can start to put together your timeline, information about yourselves and your guests, and your requests.

A meeting will be arranged around three weeks before your Wedding. In this meeting key elements of your Wedding will be discussed  - From the pronunciation of your Wedding party guests to if you are going to have a bouquet toss.

Although the list planning form may be a bit tedious for some, the more information you provide the more personalised your Wedding Day will be and it will aide Glynn to  ensure that you have a great night of entertainment.

Your Zoom Planning Meeting with Glynn

When Glynn meets with you, he can start to put in place exactly you are looking for:

  • The kind of music do you like and dislike
  • The lighting you would like at your Wedding venue
  • The time for your first dance
  • What interesting things have you experienced at other Weddings that you liked/disliked?

All of this information becomes the foundation of determining the things you want, and don’t want, from your Wedding.

It is also around this time that Glynn will start to liaise with the venue to find any specifics and guidance. If Glynn is unfamiliar with the location he’ll typically plan a trip to the site to determine things like establishing a line of communication with the venue, equipment placement,  and if there are any issues with some of the details discussed thus far. Glynn will also speak to the vendors including your photographer and videographer if he has not corresponded with them in the past to begin our collaboration for your wedding.

While some planning meetings can be “done in one”, the truth is changes happen all the time. Head counts can force changes to the floor plans, musical selections might be altered to accommodate a group of people, you may decide to enhance your experience that you didn’t plan before, the list can go on. Glynn always keeps in regular contact with couples throughout the build up to see what has changed, and what hasn’t, and see if more preparation meetings are required.

It’s at this time that Glyn requests that a couple to 'lock in' their special songs just in case it takes a while to procure anything. Occasionally, an obscure song can take a while to source, so it's a good idea to ensure all your special songs are readily available in plenty of time.

In the week prior to your Wedding Reception, Glynn begins to finalise all your choices, goes over the details again and will get in touch if there is anything that needs double-checking. Glynn wants to make sure that your day is as stress free as possible!

Glynn establishes all your special songs in specific “crates” of music and onto CD so that they are easily available for him on the day.

All equipment is checked and tested to make sure nothing is missing or not working correctly.

Glynn will double check with other vendors and the venue that all the information is the same. There is a surprising amount of “little things” that needs checking off before your Wedding Day comes.

What happens if an early set-up is required?

If you are arriving from your church or Wedding Ceremony venue at a Wedding Reception venue which has limited access or time for a room turn around, it is advisable to request at earlier set-up time.

This can often be the case if you have hired a marquee as the chances are you will be in there all day following your Wedding Ceremony.

Glynn does not want to be coming around your guests with heavy equipment. It looks unprofessional and can be very disruptive to your special day.

There is a fee and waiting charge for an earlier set up but it can be worth it in the long run for a smooth day.

You've set up early, can we use the equipment?

Under no circumstances can equipment be used whilst Glynn is not in attendance.

If you would like to have use of equipment for background music during your drinks reception and wedding breakfast as well as radio mics for speeches, this is provided with the half day Wedding DJ Package.

The benefit of Glynn being there throughout the day is that he will work as your Master of Ceremonies and will give your Wedding Reception 100% of his time. You will not be relying on a venue manager or events co-ordinator, who could be trying to do more than one job on your Wedding day.

What sound system and equipment is used?

For your Wedding, the equipment Glynn uses will be:

  • Denon digital mixing desk
  • Denon CDJs (for CDs)
  • Laptop
  • Electro Voice (EV) speakers (Maximum of 2000w)
  • Professional DJ booth
  • Shure radio mic
  • ADJ lighting effects

Venues with a sound limiter

Please be aware, that some venues have sound limiters fitted, which cut out the music completely if it gets too loud.

More sensitive limiters can really put a dampener on the night when you can hear your guests chatting louder than the music.

It’s not only music that sets these off but an enthusiastic crowd will too so if you’re having a lively party try to check if your venue has a limiter before you book. It’s too late after you have signed when you find that a DJ can play at barely above background level.

How is the night presented?

During the night, as a high quality wedding DJ, Glynn can work as a co-ordinator and Master of Ceremonies.

Some DJs like to make themselves the centre of attention.

They will be all singing, all dancing, wanting to take selfies and even come and join your guests to dance on the floor. In this industry, this is highly unprofessional - but you pay for what you get!

Glynn's job is to ensure that you are the focus of the day and does this by not dragging himself into the spotlight.

When announcing your cake cutting, Glynn shall do it from a distance to enable guests to see your cake and you as a couple; for your first dance, Glynn won’t stand in the middle of the dance floor to announce you on. It may seem a very little touch but it highlights areas which, whilst in public, are intimate and special to you both.

How is the night co-ordinated?

It is very important that everyone needs to be working as a team, supporting each other where needed. This means working with the venue to ensure all the critical points on the timeline are met, notifying the photographer/videographer when things are about to happen so they don’t miss a shot, seamlessly fitting in with a singer or live band to ensure a smooth running order or if a change in plans happens that you can work that into the timeline to ensure nothing is missed.

Everything is communicated to you so that you know what is happening and when and everything is checked back to ensure important wedding guests, such as your main family, are around for the cutting of the cake and first dance.

DJ at Royal Clifton Hotel, Southport
Silver Package set up for a Wedding at Aigburth Peoples Hall

What if something goes wrong?

Should any of my equipment fail, spare equipment is carried so any problems can quickly be rectified.

Making sure nothing goes wrong is always one of the things on the mind of your Wedding DJ. As your Wedding DJ, Glynn does not get a second chance to get it right and must react at a moment’s notice. If a microphone cuts out a backup is at the ready, if song fails to play or CD skips and another copy or new song is a ready to go - A tremendous amount of care for your event is given by the DJ to ensure that your entertainment goes as flawlessly as possible.

Many couples enquire with the line, "We have a band/singer...". Whilst you might be hoping for a bit of a price decrease, Glynn has worked at many events where a singer's equipment has failed and he has had to step in to cover to keep the Wedding going!

What music is played?

It is Glynn's job to play a great set of music based off all the discussions prior to your Wedding Day. Trying to cross different age groups and styles to make everyone feel included. Glynn takes a lot of pride in my knowledge of music and my ability to seamlessly blend, transition, and mix track into track - although mixing track into track isn't always possible given the huge variety of music tastes at Weddings.

As a Wedding DJ, who has experience in clubs and bars, it is important to point out how different a party is compared to a night out.

Wedding DJ at Southport and Birkdale Cricket Club

You will have some guests who want to get straight into it having sat down for three or four hours. You will have others that may need an extra bit of coaxing to leave their comfortable seat!

You may also find that some guests don't want to dance at 8.30pm and won't hit the dance floor until after 10.00pm, so it all comes down to striking the right balance.

Glynn tries, where possible, to keep songs mainstream and use clean versions so that it suits all age groups. Glynn plays songs from lots of genres, appealing to grandparents, parents, friends and children. It’s about keeping everyone entertained, and playing something that all ages know and enjoy. You and your friends may well love UK Garage or Drum n’ Bass but if it gives your other guests a headache they will make their excuses and leave. Glynn knows that there are some genres of music that are more specialist so tries to give a good balance to your evening by playing something for everyone. If you do have a favoured ‘must play’ type of music it can be beneficial to do a big finish at around 11.00/11.30pm turning the last hour or half an hour into an ‘after party’. That way everyone gets to feel part of your day but you don’t miss out on what you really like.

It is important that the music is right for both you and your guests and the everyone has a great time. Glynn's vast music knowledge covers many, many genres including Rock & Roll of the 50s, the swinging 60s of Soul and Motown into the 70s Disco and Rock & Punk, the ever changing 80s music of nu-wave, rock and PWL, the 90s from indie and early dance/rave to the cheesy pop and Ibiza dance end to the decade and right through the RnB and Indie music of the 2000s up to today's current chart - There is one thing for sure you won't be finding Glynn saying, "I don't play that type of music" but he does stick within your guidelines and steer well clear of any 'Don't Play' songs or genres you have listed.

Gold Package at Ramada Plaza before cutting of the cake - Southport DJ

Working with a band or singer

Glynn has worked with many bands in his career from those with top 10 singles - including 3SL, The Drifters and Showaddywaddy - cover artistes, Irish bands, and cabaret singers.

Glynn does not offer a cheaper price based on there being a band or singer. You are not just paying for a 'mobile disco', you are paying for Glynn's time as your Wedding DJ - he cannot pack up when the band start, go to another gig and set-up again when they go off.

Glynn will be on site throughout the booking in case (as has happened in the past) there are any technical problems with your band. The last thing you want is your Wedding Day to be ruined by such an event.

In the build up, Glynn will liaise with your singer or band and, where possible, have a rough set list so he does not play songs that they are about to sing. Glynn will see if they require any special introduction or whether they will be singing the song for your first dance and make sure that he has a back up just in case there are any problems on the night.

The truth is, never leave anything to chance. When your band or singer is on Glynn will be in or around the venue on hand to support as and when required.

What price does a Wedding DJ charge?

The age old question! There will always be someone who will do it cheaper! In honesty, your Wedding DJ with a professional service and set up should be costing upwards of £300.00.

To put prices into perspective, when Glynn first started DJing in 1997, he was paid £145.00 a night as a trainee, and by 2006 Glynn was earning £600.00 a night. These were for walk in jobs - no lifting of equipment with an hour or two either side to set-up and take down and by today's standards that equates to over £1,000.00 a night.

In the current economical climate, everyone wants to spend as little money as possible so where as some in the Wedding Industry are seen are 'hiking up prices', Glynn's prices are probably lower than he should be charging just to be competitive within an unregulated industry. 

Gold Package set up for a Wedding at Ramada, Southport

Glynn's price for a Wedding Reception is the same as for a birthday party, corporate event or any other function. Where prices will differ is based on length of time, set up and location. For a Wedding you will want more than a quick five minute telephone call and a couple of lights so all of Glynn's prices reflect and incorporate meetings and preparation time.

Glynn never charges for a product you are undecided about as these can be added on later rather than you agreeing to something you later change your mind on. The same can be said for a package. You are welcome to secure your date and then finalise details later.

With me, you are booking a professional Wedding and Event DJ, who not only has an exceptional knowledge of music but is trained in presenting - not only for radio or television but confident to know how to address a room full of people - clearly.

In twenty-five years as a DJ, Glynn has never once missed a booking or been double booked. The Wedding DJ Service that Glynn runs is reliable, professional and dedicated.

Glynn is fully insured with Public Liability Insurance up to £10m, vehicle is covered with business insurance, equipment is tested and covered by a PAT Certificate, all music is legally sourced, and he am a member of the Mobile DJ Network, Musicians Union and Incorporated Society of Musicians.

Glynn's Wedding DJ set-ups have been developed over the years to ensure you are getting good value for your investment and to make sure your Wedding feels perfect and personal to you and your guests.

As your DJ, Glynn won't turn up twenty minutes before hand, quickly stick up some speakers and lights, plug in a laptop, disappear while their laptop plays a pre-selected run of songs and refuse to take requests - over the years, Glynn has heard all types of issues including a DJ that didn't have a couple's first dance - Are you prepared to run that risk?

This why, as Professional DJ, you are investing in Glynn's knowledge and Wedding DJ service that is professionally acknowledged as one of the best in the UK not just Southport and the North West, with his qualifications, experience, professional set-up including being dressed appropriately for your Wedding and his presentation skills.

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