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DJ at West Tower

Wedding DJ at West Tower - Party DJ at West Tower - Karaoke DJ at West Tower

I have covered events at West Tower in Ormskirk, Lancashire including Weddings as well as providing uplighting.

West Tower offer a resident DJ so my coverage of events there is scarce - even the photographs below date back to 2014 and my set-up has changed massively since then!

Access for setting up at West Tower isn't the easiest. From the main car park, I must carry everything down a slope and through a side door into a lounge/holding area. Once the suite has been cleared for a room turn around, I can then move equipment across a corridor into the suite to set up.

Given the access, setting up can take over an hour especially with the single door to the room if you are setting up along side a band!

Setting up position can also depend on whether you have a band or singer booked but all this is (hopefully) ironed out in the build up.

The suite itself has a bar located at the top end with steps down to the main area, where a 'dance floor' is created (NB: this is just the wooden floor). This feeds into an additional conservatory area where the majority of your guests are seated for the evening.

I am not resident DJ to any venue but showcase my work and set-ups at different venues so that you can see how professional I can make your event look.

A selection of my DJ work at West Tower, Ormskirk is shown below:

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