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Barmy Bingo... It's Insane!

Something a little bit different for your event or party.


Big tunes, sing-a-longs, good humour, and professionally presented by an experienced host - That's what makes Barmy Bingo an event to get everyone involved.


Whether it is for a PTA, sports club or other fundraising event, Barmy Bingo brings great entertainment to your event with an array of games based around traditional bingo but throwing in some big tunes and lighting effects as we go.


Barmy Bingo as a stand alone event starts £300.00 and covers a three hour period.


The package includes

  • Award winning DJ and radio presenter, Glynn Tee, accompanied by Chris as your hosts
  • A Professional PA System
  • Four moving heads lights or up to eight uplighters depending on access
  • Large screen for Random Number Generator display
  • Bingo tickets
  • Pens


A Barmy Bingo event lasts for approximately three hours with your first game starting half an hour after doors open. Depending on your requirements, bingo tickets can be included in your entrance ticket price or sold on entry to raise money for the final jackpot game. Please remember that including your bingo ticket in your entrance ticket will need to take into account your budget for prizes and a cash jackpot. 

Should you require an additional DJ service until the close of your event, this is charged at £100.00 per hour.


Prizes can be purchased on your behalf for an additional £50.00 per game, however, you are free to purchase your own.

Prizes are purchased to cover a line and a full house. 


If there are two or more claims on a prize, these are settled by dance-offs, lip-sync battles or some other insane tie breaker.


Barmy Bingo nights can be tailored to your event and crowd. The music covers a wide variety of banging tracks from classic Michael Jackson, Wham, Queen, Bee Gees, and ABBA to Drake, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Five.


A Barmy Bingo event comprises of four games and each event can be tweaked to suit your needs, whether it be traditional bingo with some big tunes on some numbers, a music-bingo night or with a mix of various bingo styled games.


There are sing-a-longs, dance anthems, and prizes ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.


Prizes can include large soft toys, pool inflatables, life size celebrity cut outs, and space hoppers before a cash prize jackpot on the last game.


Barmy Bingo events can be absolutely insane and all good humoured. Please be warned that the event is  slightly offensive.

Audience participation is a massive part of the event, and whilst all the effort in the world goes into making the event fun and high-energy ensuring your event is full of party animals is a must!


Fancy some more information? Get in touch below!

"What a night!"

"What a night! 🤩 Glynn hosted a “bonkers bingo” charity fundraising event for us. We were so apprehensive as it was our first big event since coming into PTA Chair posts but we need not have worried - it was absolutely EPIC!

A truly great night and we’ve had so much praise from those that attended. The room was full of positivity, community spirit and overwhelming good old fashioned fun and we raised a fabulous amount of cash.

We’ve had so many messages from people who attended saying how brilliant the bingo was (so many absolute tunes!!!) and asking if we can do it again soon! The prizes they bought were incredible, the banter was non stop. They had every single person in the room up dancing and singing and joining in and the DJ set after the bingo finished was brilliant too.

I can’t thank them enough for their kindness either - they arrived early, stayed late and DJ’ed into the wee hours. They were fantastic, hilarious and very professional from the second we enquired until the day after the event when they sent us photos to use in our school newsletter. Glynn really went above and beyond. Cannot recommended them highly enough!"

Chloe - May 2022

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