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Wedding DJ

Being a Wedding DJ may sound like an easy job!

People can see (and will see) a 'DJ' turn up shove up two speakers and a couple of lights, plug in a lap top and off they'll go

We have always worked with the professional attitude that this is never the way to do things.

Every set-up we put together for a Wedding Reception is designed to befit your Wedding and your budget.

Our Wedding preparations don't start with a simple 'turn up on the night' attitude. We build your Wedding Reception with you - helping you along the way to ensure you have the perfect day.

We don't just offer a DJ. Our DJs are fully trained public speakers, who work in radio and are fully trained radio and television presenters.

This enables our DJs to be the most professional Master of Ceremonies you could hope for on your big day.

Your chosen DJ will hold a face-to-face meeting with you and your partner to informally discuss things that you would like on the evening. We give suggestions about how you can help make it a dream reception.

All bookings are guaranteed - you will not be chasing us round at the last minute as we are in constant touch with you as you prepare for your Wedding Day.

On the day itself, we can be there all day as your Master of Ceremonies or as your evening DJ and MC.

Our evening set-up is based on what you would like. We offer various Wedding Packages depending on lighting, uplighting, backdrop curtains, big screen hire and more.

A question we get asked a lot is whether we offer a discount as there is a band on. Simple answer is no. The reason is quite a simple one. It is not a matter of packing up and sending a DJ to another venue whist your band is on!

Your DJ will ALWAYS be on site during your Wedding Reception and, if there are any hi-coughs with your band, they will be there to ensure your night continues!

The other issue is that during this period, your DJ will be going round and speaking to guests and taking requests - so they are still doing a job.

To put it in perspective: An office worker is told that for an hour another worker will be doing their job but you will be required to stay on site and be there for any problems. During this period you will not be paid. Would you see this as fair?

So how do we differ from a DJ who will do it for £150?

We are a professional company. This is not a hobby or an extra job in the evening.

This is ALL of our DJs full time employment so your Wedding is constantly worked on.

Our set-up is tailored to befit a Wedding.

You will see a lot of DJs advertise and show how brilliant they are. We ask you to have a VERY good look at their photographs and ask yourself:

Can I see any hanging wires?

Are wires wrapped around poles?

Are there trailing wires across the floor?

Is all their equipment on view?

Have they got unsightly plugs?

Then take a look at our photographs.

Our set-ups are designed to ensure wiring is hidden from view, to avoid resistance wiring isn't wrapped around poles, any wiring that needs to be taken across a floor is taped down neatly, our equipment is behind a professional DJ booth and there are no unsightly plugs.

When you add our brilliant set-up to a package that includes a professional DJ then you can see that with us you are getting a truly great deal.

Coming soon we'll show you how long it takes to work for a Wedding Reception - when it's done professionally!

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