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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which areas do you cover?

A. We are based in Southport and have been booked all over the UK. My base area is the north west including Chester Blackpool, Preston, Wigan, Lancashire, Manchester and Liverpool. That does not exclude nationwide locations as we are quite happy to work anywhere. Bookings five miles from base location are charge mileage and travel costs.

Q. Does you cater for all ages?

A. We are set up to cover all age ranges. We have DJs over various experience including a former Holiday Camp Entertainment Manager. meaning that I have worked in the area of a mixed crowd events in a busy environment.

I can cater for party games for kids (& adults!) and has music covering all eras from the 1940s right the way through to the current chart and growing all the time.

I spent several years working top nightclubs in the North West and have covered private functions for Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings, Anniversaries and more. I have all the classics and party songs you could want!

Q. Will you play song requests from us and our guests?

I always take on board your requirements for music and your requests. I openly encourage guests to make requests on the night. However, my job is to ensure that you have a great party atmosphere and not all songs will be played. I have had Weddings that have a list of nine hours of music and book you for five and there are other examples of a request list full of slow songs. It might sound wonderful to you but the last thing you want is a room that is bored!

If your guests don't like the music, it is me they will complain to so it's always better to consider what you really would like to hear and what will get your guests up having a great night.

Q. The venue has it’s own resident DJ, why should I use you?

A. Some venues have a resident DJ, who they try to insist upon their clients to use and this can be a big risk.

Some even have the nerve to charge a 'corkage fee' to enable you to bring in your own DJ. Personally I find this absurd!

Even some of the supposedly high-end venues will attempt to try to get you to hire their 'resident DJ', a cheap agency DJ or “even someone a mate knows” regardless of quality or performance.

This may sound a great solution and save a lot of planning but is it what you really want on your Wedding Day?

With me, you are not only getting a DJ who has over a decade and a half of experience at all types of events and parties, you are also getting a Wedding DJ who cares about YOUR important day and ensuring everything is done to meet your and your guests' requirements for a memorable Reception.

I will meet with you well in advance of your Wedding to establish your entertainment needs and requirements. You won’t be turning up blind to see a DJ you haven’t met playing a style of music you didn’t want.

I have recently seen a DJ play six hours of music and not speak once - at no point attempting to start the party off and playing music which didn't befit the room - I would be ashamed if I was that DJ!

Q. Are you insured and licenced?

A. I have public liability insurance to the value of £5 million for your peace of mind. I also have Mobile DJ Service Public Performance Licence and a Pro-Dub/PRS Licence for use of laptop and any recorded disc material.

Q. Is your equipment safe?

A. I ensure all equipment has PAT (portable appliance tested) certificates and is regularly serviced. A lot of my equipment is regularly updated to ensure the best quality around.

Q. What equipment will you use?

A. I use a Behringer live studio mixer which enables us to link up numerous items and microphones to a top quality sound system.

I have a two 4000W amplifiers so I can cater for small or large rooms without any problems.

My speakers consist of two 1000w tops and a 1800w bass bin for indoor venues giving a top wattage output of 3800w, whilst for outside large scale events I use an extra two 600w top speakers and a second 1800w bass bin for a combined output of 6,800w. It's safe to say that I never push it passed the limit nor go too loud for a venue.

My personal microphone is a Shure radio microphone with a range of 100m.

For speeches and karaoke I have other radio microphones available for use, which although cheaper of a very good quality.

Under NO circumstances do I lend my personal microphone out due to it's value and health reasons. An infected throat can cost me business!

Music is played using a mix of CDs (for older songs) and laptop for the current chart.

Karaoke is provided on a mix of laptop, DVD and CD+G with Karaoke lyrics are displayed on a 24” TV. Four high quality radio microphones are provided so that you can sing with your friends without a fight for a microphone.

My Wii package comes with have four controllers and I can arrange the games you wish to have prior to your event.

Lighting set-ups vary depending on your booking and I have a variety of lights available including moonflower gobos, full room sweepers, gobo scanners and static LED lighting.

For Weddings, I have an eye-catching 3mx2m LED starlight curtain and stunning mood lighting which can be added to your package.

My DJ booth is lit using mood lighting to enhance the look of my set-up at your event.

Q. I've had a cheaper quote, why should I book you?

A. I have established myself as a leading DJ across the North West and in North Wales in all genres of entertainment working at lots of established venues around Southport, Preston, Ormskirk, Manchester, Liverpool and North Wales.

You are not getting a DJ who turns up with a laptop and a speaker, plugs it in and plays music they like nor do I use an iPod.

You are getting an experienced professional DJ who has a passion for music and presenting who uses CD to provide a great mobile disco with brilliant lighting.

My equipment is top of the range and I do everything to ensure a smooth running of your event.

In my price, I include things such as meeting, set-up and travel expenses - it's not just a case of turning up for a five hour party! It can take three or four hours to load, unload, set-up and test equipment before travelling is even added in to my time.

Unlike some DJs I also do not charge an hourly rate for going past midnight. Many venues have licences until 1am and I do not believe in taking an extra slice of your money for one hour more. I work on hourly block rates which cover the running time of most events.

I take care with my set-up so that all wiring is carefully hidden from public view. I feel this adds to the professional image you would like from a DJ.

Using my knowledge, I can judge the mood of the room and play music to suit whilst incorporating your requests. I tailor every event to your specific requirements so you can be guaranteed a good night.

A cheap DJ may sound great for budget but always think about what you may end up with.

I advise you to ALWAYS get photographs of a DJs set-up and look for tiny details;

Are there any loose hanging wires?

- Not only is this extremely dangerous but it looks horrendous. With me you are paying for a quality set-up along with a top quality DJ.

Are their speaker wires wrapped around stands?

- This can cause distortion due to conductivity. It also looks unprofessional when viewed close up.

Have they made their licenses available when meeting?

- Anyone can say they have a license but have you actually seen it in person? Not a scanned version on a website but the genuine certificate. At the first meeting, I provide all of my certificates and make them immediately available to your venue for your Wedding Reception booking.

Can I contact you in an emergency?

- This may sound the stupidest question but the number of telephone calls I receive along the lines of, "I've booked a DJ but I have no information or a contact number. Did I book you?", is countless. When you book me, you receive my business card with the initial booking form. Upon meeting, I will double check that you have my business card - and issue another if you need it. Once booked you will receive a booking guarantee with my full details available. Many plans change at the last minute and it is better to book a DJ you can rely on who you can reach by phone, text or email at a moments notice.

Have they contacted the venue of my Reception?

- Again, this sounds so simple but many venues like to meet with and have documents from your Wedding Reception DJ. Your venue will be contacted the moment you have confirmed your booking to discuss arrangements from their end. You find that times vary from what you want to what the venue has/wants so it is important to ensure everyone agrees to a particular running order.

Q. When and how can we pay?

A. A £100 non-refundable deposit is required within seven days and returnable with your booking form.

I take a booking based on a verbal contract and will issue a booking form via first class post immediately.

Once the £100 deposit is received along with your booking form, the balance can be settled in full by either cheque/postal order made out to 'Southport DJ', bank transfer, online card payment via Paypal or by cash.

Q. What if I change my mind about the booking?

A. Under UK Law, you have a seven day cooling off period, this is up to and including the time your booking form is needed to be returned.

Once a booking form is sent, it is on the basis that the booking will be made. If you choose to cancel after the seven days a £10 administration fee is charged for an incomplete booking. This is to cover staff, postage and stationary expenses.

Q. I'd like you to go on a bit longer than we booked you for. What do we have to do?

A. I work based on the times given when originally booked. If you find that the venue you have booked has a later entertainment licence and you wish to extend the DJ booking, this needs to be confirmed seven days prior to the event.

Please note, if the venue is found to be in breach of licensing laws then I am not held responsible for their actions.

 Q. How long does it take you to set-up and when do you need access to the building?

A. I take a fully professional view to setting up and testing prior to an event and therefore I ask for access to a building at lease one hour prior to the event and guest arrivals.

This means I will not be bringing equipment in and out of the venue whilst your guests are enjoying their evening.

My smallest set-up can be set-up in around 45 minutes, however, a larger set-up requires a longer time.

Mood lighting is better set-up prior to guests arrival rather than being installed in a short space of time due to neatness of covering wiring.

A set-up requiring lighting for a band can take up to one hour and thirty minutes. It is recommended that for larger scale set-ups for Weddings that the set-up is completed prior to the Wedding Breakfast.

Q. Do you have a dress code?

A. I have a dress code based on the occasion. For a general party, it would be smart casual whereas for a Wedding my dress code would ensure suit, waistcoat and tie to match the colour scheme is worn.

During events, I do not wear trainers, tracksuits or t-shirts!

I may be in trainers to set-up but will have a change of clothing with me.

 Q. Do you carry back up equipment?

A. I always carry back up equipment during the night in case anything goes wrong.

Q: Do you have a drinking rule?

A: I ensure that I do not drink any intoxicating drinks before or during your event. It can look very unprofessional if your DH and MC is more intoxicated than your event goers. Therefore, I stick to soft drinks.

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